Class scheduling

Students need to book a session from a preferred tutor and tutor has to accept or reject the session within 24 hours. After 24 hour time period the request will be automatically expired. Cancellation of a scheduled class should be carried out at least 2 hours prior to the scheduled time. This rule applicable for both parties; students as well as tutors. In a case a student will not adhered to this policy, 25% of the scheduled class fee will be charged as a penalty. A time change in a scheduled class can be carried out with the agreement of both parties. Time change should be properly communicated to the other party.


The whole session will be recorded from Siplo team for the purpose of reviewing and sessions will open for parental monitoring.

Paymens will act as an intermediary party in completing the session transaction.Total amount payable for 1 hour will be charged from student at the point starting the session. Payable amount will be transferred to tutor at the end of the session.10 Minutes (plus and minus) grace period will be maintained to complete the session which will not be subject to additional charges/ Reduction in pay. ( A session from 8PM to 9PM either can be stopped at 8.50 or 9.10 and will only subject to hourly payment) In any case of session interruption due to a technical/ human failure, payment will be paid as follows. Any failure within the 1st half an hour - Half of the charge will be paid to tutor despite the time of interruption. Any failure within the 2nd half an hour - Payments for the 1st half and hour and addition proportionate amount for the additional period session carried out will be paid.


Siplo (Pvt) limited provides only the platform to meet up student and tutor. Though we try to maintain standards and the quality of the session content we cannot take the full responsibility of it. We charge from students account at the beginning of the class. However if the class terminate due to a technical failure before passing of the 30th minute of the session we will fully refund the amount or provide the opportunity to reschedule the class. In case if the class is interrupted after 30th minute a proportionate amount will be charged from the student and balance will be added back or allowed to schedule another class. Refunds demanded for dissatisfactory delivery of sessions will not be considered. We consider students select a tutor from the list based on their desire. Other than above circumstances, Siplo (Pvt) limited has the sole authority to decide in which case to refund and not.